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At 8 years, Akiane Kramarik painted Prince of Peace in only 40 hours.

"My talent is a gift from God, given to me to help others."
Since age 4 her mind has been filled with dreams and visions of God, Jesus and Heaven and a constant inspiration for many of her drawings, paintings, allegories and poems.

Akiane captured the light, love and compassion of Jesus she had been witnessing in her visions for 4 years...
"Love and Truth are represented on the light side of Jesus' face, the other is of darkness and suffering--yet there's light in His eye.
This light is a reminder that He is ALWAYS with us.
I want my art to draw people's attention to God."

 Akaine Kramarik


-1.25" Deep Wrapped Canvas
-Digital Printing on Genuine Artist Canvas
-Custom-developed, archival pigment based inks
-Solid front construction – Canvas won’t stretch or sag
-Beautiful corners, finished backing & ready to hang

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