Prince of Peace Color Changing (black to white) Coffee Mug

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At 8 years, Akiane Kramarik painted Prince of Peace in only 40 hours.

"My talent is a gift from God, given to me to help others."
Since age 4 her mind has been filled with dreams and visions of God, Jesus and Heaven and a constant inspiration for many of her drawings, paintings, allegories and poems.

Akiane captured the light, love and compassion of Jesus she had been witnessing in her visions for 4 years...
"Love and Truth are represented on the light side of Jesus' face, the other is of darkness and suffering--yet there's light in His eye.
This light is a reminder that He is ALWAYS with us.
I want my art to draw people's attention to God."

 Akaine Kramarik

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This strong, ceramic mug is the perfect drinkware for office or home
It changes color from black to white with heat, revealing the design underneath

- 11 oz ceramic mug

We recommend hand washing for all mugs and coasters. Mugs and coasters can be washed in the dishwasher or used in the microwave, but prolonged exposure to high heat may fade images. Some dishwashers use extremely hot water or high heat during the drying cycle which can cause your mugs to fade.